Poems and Poetry

PoetryForum.org features all kinds of poetry. As one of the premiere poetry websites on the internet we have poems about wordplay, rhyme, double entendre and puns.

Types of Poetry

There are many different types of poetry, but the most important poems on PoetryForum.org are the ones about about God, sex and death. You might also find some love poems, sad poetry, dark poetry, romantic poetry or poems that make you cry.

Christian Poems

PoetryForum.org also has poems about God, spirituality, religion and Christianity. There's also some erotic Christian poetry, spiritual poems and religious poems.

Erotic Poetry

On PoetryForum.org, you will find erotic poems, wild sensual poems, poems about passion, love poetry and erotic Christian poems.

Sex Poems

You will also find suggestive sex poems, seductive poetry, passionate poems and provacative wordplay. Naughty, racy, sultry and risqué are not taboo subjects on PoetryForum.org. Sensuality, lust and desire are all very important poetry topics as well.

Teaching Poetry

I am a Lutheran writer and poet from Texas and I've spent some time in Switzerland. I give poetry lessons and you can find me teaching poetry at the University of California Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center in the Masters of Creative Writing Graduate Program.